It’s hard as a small organization to negotiate with insurers…Unless you join together with other businesses with similar needs and challenges.

That’s the idea behind pooled-risk plans or multi-employer plans that allow SMEs and associations to take advantage of enhanced coverage at affordable and stable prices.

Thanks to a pooled program, small organizations can aim at offering benefits similar to those of large businesses. But at a lower cost.

BCI is specialized in designing, implementing, and managing these types of non-traditional plans. Whether it means creating a pooled-risk plan for you, or adding you to an existing group, we serve as consultants, brokers, and administrators.

Are you an association?

We can design a multi-employer plan specifically for your members.

Our goal: to offer them a competitive range of benefits and to promote their membership in the association.

Are you a small or very small business?

You can join one of our exclusive proprietary pooled-risk plans: BCI Solutions (in Quebec) or BCI Care (in Ontario).

Are you a medium-sized business?

We can great a custom multi-business group for your subsidiaries, branches, or franchisees, for example.
There is strength in numbers, even when it comes to benefits. That’s why BCI created, for small and very small businesses, pooled-risk plans that measure up to plans for the biggest institutions.

Exclusive to our advisors and clients, these pooled-risk plans allow for the smallest players to benefit from a remarkable volume effect.

BCI Solutions (Québec) and BCI Care (Ontario) at a glance


For organizations with fewer than 100 employees


For all industries


High value-added coverage and guarantees


Large flexibility in the choice of options


Affordable prices


Limited fluctuation in premiums

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