For any organization, having a benefits plan or putting one into place is an investment: an investment in the quality of life of insured parties, an investment in the workforce, an investment in the future.

By allowing BCI to guide you through every step of the process, you are making sure that this investment is promoted to your members or employees, and that it contributes to the overall performance of the business.


No matter how much we enjoy technology and artificial intelligence tools – which are invaluable in your industry – we never forget that above all we are a service provider. And for us, service is a fundamentally human field.

It’s by being close to our clients that we can create solid and long-lasting business relationships with them.

A specialization in group plans

Because we perfectly master the mechanics of multi-employer plans, we make benefits more accessible and affordable for almost any organization.

Contributing to the success of SMEs and associations with outside of the box alternative solutions is part of our mission. And part of what we pride ourselves on.


It’s true that we work in a complex environment that involves aspects of human resources, accounting, and taxes. It’s true that we design sophisticated concepts based on in-depth actuarial projections. But for our clients, we always keep things simple.

With clear and transparent language, and summary dashboard, we help you to better understand benefits, their performance, and their relevance.

A fully integrated service offering

Few firms integrate plan administration into their service offering. Yet, it’s an aspect that relieves a lot of headaches for administrators and greatly facilitates day-to-day management.

BCI = consulting + brokerage services + implementation + administration

A leading-edge technological platform

The key to an efficient plan and a satisfying client experience is the management platform available to administrators and subscribers.

BCI has recently added a next-generation portal supported by Microsoft that will be progressively rolled out to clients over the next few months. Here are a few of the functionalities of this versatile and user-friendly technology:

  • Account viewing
  • Invoice payment
  • Information updating
  • Close monitoring of day-to-day tasks