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Why TPA?

What's a TPA?

A third party administrator is an organization that manages employee group benefit plans on behalf of an employer. They have the expertise to administer the entire claims process – a task historically handled by conventional group insurance carriers

TPAs are responsible for a variety of services, from premium administration and billing, up to the maintenance of eligibility records, benefits plan documentation and communication, and claims adjudication.

For small, mid-sized businesses and multi-employer groups, a TPA can provide group insurance administrative services more cost effectively and with more flexibility than traditional insurance carriers. While a typical administration fee for traditional insurance carriers ranges around 20-30%, a well managed TPA will charge between 12-20% creating immediate savings.

While many TPAs often outsource all their services, others offer a complete range of in-house services including claims adjudication and payment, securing insurance contracts and drug card printing and delivery. When choosing a TPA, employers must ultimately understand which critical services reside in-house, which are contracted and how that may impact the accuracy, security and quality of the service they can expect to receive.

Why choose BCI?

BCI has been providing TPA services for over 25 years. Our key focus is in providing superior service on a personal level. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients have worked with us for this entire period.

We have developed our own proprietary software designed to ensure accurate handling of your vital information. We can quickly update information ensuring records are accurately maintained, employee data is secure and up to date, new enrollees are added efficiently and claims processed.

A proprietary system allows us to print drug cards internally. New employees experience no delays upon joining their plan. This also ensures that premium statements are produced accurately and in a timely manner.

Our clients, insured members and advisor have direct access to their information through our BCI online service. Need forms, have a question, need a statement, check the status of your claim, check historical premium statements or even pay a bill; all services available at the click of a button.

Our service representatives are well trained and experienced. They are empowered to handle problems and assist in the adjudication of claims. Our internal policies are in place to ensure that every situation is handled professionally, accurately and promptly.

Because of our size and volume of business, we are able to negotiate with many carriers to ensure the best solutions for all our clients. This strength also allows us to provide a greater influence with insurers, which can be critical when a difficult claim situation arises. We are your advocate not the insurers.

"One point of contact, One employee enrolment, One benefit summary, One invoice."