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Why BCI?

Experience, dedication and a keen focus on service makes us stand out in the crowd. We have been in the business of providing consulting, brokerage and third party administration services since 1986. Our experience allows us to find unique solutions for small businesses up to multi-employer or associations.

In today's fast paced world, we have remained focused on our service. Each client is assigned a dedicated service representative that works closely with each employee; no call cues, long waits or unanswered questions. Our team, knows the importance of dealing with a person that cares and especially at times of a disability or difficult claim.

We recognize the importance of a long-term stable benefits program. Our long standing relationships, volume of business and unique methodology ensures that every renewal is accurate, fair and sustainable. We work with every client to understand their plan and help identify strategies to control and contain costs.

Our unique BCI Care pooled risk program allows us to bring the strengths of a larger benefits plan to a small business. By participating in a larger pool, a client benefits from larger premium volumes resulting in long-term rate stability and access to superior benefits.

As a TPA, (Third Party Administrator), we work closely with every client to ensure that their unique program runs smoothly. Our proprietary software insures all information remains accurate, secure and private. It allows us to quickly update records, analyze historical data, generate statements and adjudicate claims. This also provides a seamless ability to transition to new programs or carriers with no additional administration.

"We'll focus on your plan, so you can focus on your business."